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MoTA – Musem of Transitory Art (Ljubljana, SI)

MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to the research, production and presentation of Transitory, Experimental and Live Art forms.

As its name indicates, MoTA examines the ideas of
museum – what is the role of the museum today and in the future,
transitoriness – in either space or time –
and art – what is art in relation to life.

MoTA is a museum without physical space. Its programs are realised in different locations and contexts, both in physical and virtual space.
MoTA organizes support actions for transitory art in the form of continuous events, exhibitions and educational programs both locally and internationally.
MoTA’s program is happening throughout the year in cities across Europe and beyond.
It is conceived through an open and collaborative approach of international curators and artists and is enriched with in depth research of its yearly theme.
MoTA’s approach to artistic production is collaboration. With its methodology MoTA aims at over-coming social differences and exclusive modes of working.
MoTA is an artistic-curatorial initiative dealing with themes of contemporary system errors and their consequences (such as virtuality, alienation, loss of identity, hyper-mobility, sexual freedom, media and social violence of all kinds) and strategies to produce ideas, actions and reactions to these errors.
MoTA measures contact with public outside of artistic circles and discussion outside auto-refelective philosophies of artworks.
MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain and the undefined.

MOTA is also the first regular artist-in-residency program in Slovenia, with the purpose to give a living and working environment to foreign artists in Ljubljana.
We understand our residency program as a platform for dialogue and collaborative work. Working closely with artists, researchers and curators, we aim to develop long-term and sustainable collaborations and engage with projects which mobilise art and other communities in order to produce new thoughts, actions and directions.

CIANT – International Centre for Art and New Technologies (Prague, CZ)

CIANT is oriented towards transdisciplinary exploration of artistic and
scientific domain in a context of new media technologies. Their projects are based on research, production, education and presentation activities
with collaboratation of international artists, scientists and technology experts.
CIANT’s main activities include: multimedia laboratory, research and development in long term preservation and archiving of media art, theoretical study and practical workshops in relationships between art, science and technology, residency programmes for artists and researchers, public events such as ENTER festival.

BIS – Body-Process Arts Association (Istanbul, TR)

BIS is an Istanbul based initiative which explores artistic forms of expression between the body and the digital process. BIS aims to create an international discussion and production platform in its local on the conjunction of art and technology. The concept of body-process refers to the inevitable relation between the modern human body and technological processes and tools.
BIS annually organizes “amber Art and Technology Festival and Conference” to create a platform for exchanges, collaborations and discussions, research and creative projects. BIS’s objective is to establish a permanent center for international artistic research and production.

ARTos Foundation – Cultural and Research Foundation (Nicosia,CY)

ARTos is a contemporary arts and science center dedicated to research and creativity. It functions as a multidimensional space, organizing and undertaking the production of multifaceted events from the world of theatre, music, dance, cinema, visual arts, letters and sciences.
Through the Foundation, artists, thinkers, writers, scholars and researchers are able to:
co-exist and creatively interact with each other; utilize their potential and establish, improve and advance their ideas; participate in various cultural and research programmes (European and others); receive guidance as to the better presentation of proposals through the vast network of Foundation associates and contributors in both Cyprus and abroad.