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About TRIBE residencies

From March 2013 to April 2014, the first round of TRIBE residencies will take place in the cities of Ljubljana, Prague, Istanbul, Nicosia & other locations. These residencies are aimed at researchers and artists working on projects related to TRIBE’s first year theme Transition & Utopia.


month  1 Month residency available   half month  1/2 Month (2 weeks) residency available
Ideally the residency would take place in one city for one month and in two cities for 2 weeks in each city.

MoTA (Ljubljana) CIANT (Prague) BIS (Istanbul) ARTOS (Nicosia)
APR half month + half month half month + half month
MAY half month + half month month + month
JUN half month + half month half month + half month month + half month + half month
JUL half month
AUG half month
SEP month half month + half month month
OCT month + half month month half month + half month
NOV month + half month month
JAN month
FEB month half month + half month
MAR month + half month half month + half month

Choosing the cities is part of the application process and the projects should relate to chosen regions. Residencies are production oriented- meaning that they are aimed to producing new works and research papers.

Works produced will be exhibited in two exhibitions taking place in Istanbul and Ljubljana. Common events for TRIBE group, workshops and a symposium for researchers will take place in Nicosia.

More information about each residency

MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia

About MoTA residency program

MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art was the first artist in residency programme for new media and audivoisual arts in Ljubljana. We understand our residency program as a platform for dialogue and collaborative work. Working closely with artists, researchers and curators, we aim to develop long-term and sustainable collaborations and engage with projects which mobilise art and other communities in order to produce new thoughts, actions and directions. Since its beginning in 2007, MoTA has hosted artists such as Mia Makela- SOLU, Felix Thorn, @C, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, Andre Goncalves and many others.

The local context of MoTA

LJUBLJANA is a relatively young capital with a rich independent artistic and cultural scene. Even though it is a very small capital city, it is overflown with students and a lot of action. MoTA is a non-profit organisation founded in 2001 under the name CodeEp- its previos incarnation focused on visual communication, public space and electronic music. Following CodeEp principles of reviving degraded areas of the city by bringing art to those spaces that have been forgotten, MoTA focuses entirely on transitory art and expands this philosophy to a concept of a museum in space and time.

As an organisation with a 12 year history, MoTA has throughout been actively shaping the cultural map of Ljubljana – reviving public spaces, bringing innovative ideas, developing and kicking off new platforms, collectives, artists and musicians, exhibiting and touring with artworks in public space and finally developing a residency – production and research platform for foreign artists in Ljubljana.

Available months:

  • 2013: April, May, June, September, October, November
  • 2014: January, February, March

CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic

About CIANT residency

The activities of the selected residents will take place in CIANT laboratory where wide range of technologies and equipment is available for experiments, such as Arduinos, Kinect sensors, projector, stereoscopic LCDs, Emotiv Epoc BCI headset, DX11 compatible graphic cards, magnetic motion capture system, infra red lights and cameras, DMX.

CIANT offers accommodation in a flat located in a same building as CIANT lab and office.

The local context of CIANT

CIANT is an international platform for research, production and presentation of creative use of information and communication technologies within the arts, often intersecting with various scientific domains. During the last 10 years CIANT has established art/science collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centres as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. The residency aims to foster collaborative arts research and development practice.

Available months:

  • 2013: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

amberPlatform/BIS, Istanbul, Turkey


amber’13 Art and Technology Festival’s theme title is “Did you plug it in?” with a subtitle “Fool Your Smartness”.

We are suggesting several discussions around the theme – from present market-speech to the so called sophisticated technologies, to foolishness, from the drama of being unconnected to the comedy of it. We are also interested in city related projects which collect, visualise and utilise city data in an artistic manner. The projects which are related to the amber’13 theme or cities will have a priority.maumau is an entity that spreads its activities to various branches of cultural and art world, a platform which enables collaborative work.

maumau art residency

maumau art residency is the outcome of all the experience that have been gained from various levels of culture industry. On the back streets of Beyoglu, there lies the Cukurcuma area known to locals. The residency is located on the Aga Hamami street in a renovated apartment named sozcuk. maumau art residency is designed to accommodate and provide space for production for many artists from different artistic fields. Both local and international artists can apply for a residency. Curators, art historians, art critics, art and culture managers along with artist who produce and research in the areas of fine arts, applied arts, literature and performance arts are among the fellows of the maumau art residency.

maumau production – with the support of various funds and by the help of sponsors, maumau production company conducts documentaries. Especially by investigating the mythical features of societies that are little known or unrecognized by the international community and by observing modern cultural structure and traditions maumau production aims to form a variety of documentary projects.

AMBER maumau

Available months:

  • 2013: September, October
  • 2014: February, March

ARTos, Nicosia, Cyprus

ABOUT ARTos residency

a/a Residency length accommodation Fee for artist/researcher Final presentation Thematic approach Air ticket
1 30 days free 500 On or underwater 1,2,3 Paid *
2 15 days free 250 On or underwater 1,2 Paid*
3 15 Days free 250 On or underwater 1,2 Paid*

*there is a ceiling price (round trip to Larnaca airport)

We are especially looking for projects concerning:

  1. Floating monuments (monuments floating on water) based on figures or events based on the geopolitical region of Eastern Europe and eastern Mediterranean.
  2. Electro-acoustic performances with or without visuals for performances at the sea environment
  3. Research (scientific, visual, sound, performing, writing….) based on the question “Does Europe Exist?”

The curatorial team will decide based on the needs and type of the projects selected where it is best to host each resident artist/researcher. As the element of water will be dealt with, there is also the option for accommodation near the sea, which allows for inspiration, experimentation, testing and activation.

Residency spaces are located in Meneou (seaside), Protaras (seaside) and Nicosia (inland).

ABOUT Nicosia

Nicosia, locally known as Lefkosia, is the capital and largest city in Cyprus. It is the last divided capital in the world, divided by the Green Line. It is the most southeastern capital of the EU member states. Nicosia is a vibrant multi-cultural city, rich in history and culture. The heart and historic core of the city, within the 16th century Venetian walls offers a vast number of attractions, museums, galleries, churches, medieval and neo-classical buildings.

Available months:

  • 2013: June